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I have been working as a Senior Graphic Designer at design studios in the Netherlands for fifteen years, before I moved abroad with my spouse and daughter. We lived in the amazing city state of Singapore for four years. A wonderful experience and a great opportunity to explore South East Asia in all it's beauty.

Meanwhile I kept on working on several design projects. I simply enjoy the process of creating something new. I like to approach things with an open mind and a sense of humor, which I hope reflects in my designs. Clear, sophisticated, colourful and clever are probably the words I would pick to describe my design style.

I like to keep them in mind as the standpoint of every logo, corporate identity, poster or illustration I create. Since graphic design is a way of communicating by means of image and words, above all the design has to reflect the message the client wants to express. To meet the clients needs and be proud of the results, is a challenge I'm happy to accept!


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